These are the Croatian top renters

These are the Croatian top renters


he best are Apartments Rubinić from Turanj, Casa mille olivi from Klarić, Villa Adrian from Dubrovnik, awards for ecological approach and heritage preservation were given to the Queen of the Forest from Hlevci and Villa Lente from Donja Hlapa on Krk

The best apartment is Rubinić Turanj owned by Tomislav Rubinić under the guidance of hostess Nataša Manzin, the best holiday home Casa Mille Olivi owned by Ana Pisak from Klarić, the City of Buzet, the best villa Adrian, owner Naira Asatryan and Adrian Wiele from Dubrovnik.

With three main, two special awards – the best house in heritage preservation Villa Festina Lenta owned by Maja Nikšić Radić and Dejan Radić, the best ecological house Divjake Log Home – Queen of the Forest owned by Selma Seifert from Hlevci, Skrad Municipality.

This is the result of the grand finale of the Rental 2021 campaign organized by Novi list for the second time under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Croatian Tourist Board, while the award ceremony was held in Pazin as part of the 6th FOS – Family Accommodation Forum organized by Croatia chamber of Commerce

Appreciate tradition

We are extremely proud of the award, and we are even more proud because over the years, together with my family, we have managed to resist the offers we received for our property and house, offers that would forever take our grandparents into someone else’s property.

Thus, we have succeeded in its adaptation, we have managed to continue a series of our property dating back to the 19th century, we have succeeded in making it attractive to guests from all over the world who gladly stay in it.

These are the Croatian top renters

This was pointed out by Ana Pisak, the owner of the Casa Mille olivi estate, which became the best holiday home in Croatia in 2021 at the ceremony of announcing the laureates in the Most Renters action held at the Pazin Memorial House.

She pointed out and also sent a message to the entire public that tradition must be valued above all, that family property must be translated into a new time, used for their own tourist and general economic benefits, show guests all the splendor of Croatian uniqueness and hospitality.

After the opening ceremony of FOS, where the audience was addressed by Jasna Jaklin Majetić, President of HGK ŽK Pula, Director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, Director of the Ministry of Tourist Board, Categorization and Legal Affairs Monika Udovičić, Director of the Istrian Tourist Board Denis Ivošević, Deputy Prefect of the Istrian County Tulio Demetlika and the Mayor of Pazin Suzana Jašić, the President of the Management Board of Novi list Ankica Kruljac addressed those gathered at FOS.

These are the Croatian top renters

She thanked the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Brnjac, as well as the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić for trusting Novi list in organizing the action Najzijamljivač which aims to analyze the best renters throughout the national territory, which makes up more than half of the total Croatian tourist accommodation capacity.

Kruljac pointed out that “The best renter” hires both journalistic and marketing resources of Novi list, which successfully demonstrated the strength of one of the most important Croatian media houses, which confirms the success of the print edition and the reach of digital platforms.

An ideal frame

Let us remind you that after numerous applications were submitted to the competition opened in the spring of this year, at the end of August they were carefully analyzed in order to single out 46 finalists from all over Croatia. After that, at the end of September, the commission of Novi list and employees of Croatian county tourist boards, mostly colleagues from the Kvarner Tourist Board, went on a tour of the landlords

These are the Croatian top renters

A total of 4.5 thousand kilometers were covered on that tour from Rovinj to Dubrovnik, from Lošinj to Sveti Martin na Muri. The decision to choose the best was extremely difficult, the nuances decided, and what can be pointed out for the winners is the fact that none of them perceives tourism as a business, they all live tourism.

The awards for the best, and all laureates responded to the invitation of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Croatian Tourist Board, and Novi list was awarded by Monika Udovičić, Kristjan Staničić, and Ankica Kruljac.
The selection of the two-day 6th Family Accommodation Forum, organized by the Family Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Pazin, was the ideal framework for the award ceremony of the Best Renter campaign.

These are the Croatian top renters

Namely, FOS traditionally brings together domestic private renters who hold almost 60 percent of all tourist beds in the country. This year, they realized about 32 million overnight stays, or almost 40 percent of the total 82.7 million overnight stays realized in Croatia by the end of October.

Considering that, according to the announcements from the recently held Tourism Fair in London, as Staničić reported, a very good tourist season is expected for Croatia next year, the beginning of the action

The most renter in 2022 can be considered – open.

Villa Festina Lente

The stone house from the beginning of the 20th century, completely decorated respecting rustic principles, might not stand out so much, because many adhere to this principle when renovating houses in the interior of Istria and on the Adriatic islands if it were not characterized by another passion of its owners, Maja Nikšić Radić and Dejan Radić: according to the interior design with furniture from that time.

These are the Croatian top renters

Old, often discarded pieces are carefully restored to return to function, but also bring a distinctive design breakthrough that is hard to find. Respecting a number of principles, from ecology to heritage preservation, Villa Festina has largely preserved the value system from a hundred years ago, of course introducing into the whole story and the necessary elements of today – from the pool to another offer.

In any case, a unique area with a very good position, on a hill near Dobrinj, and yet only a few kilometers away from the sea. The demand for renting this house is all year round, and the exceptional friendliness of the owners contributes to everything.

Divjake Log Home – The queen of the forest

Located on a side road that connects Ravna Gora and Skrad, the holiday house Divjake is a great example of connection with the environment, and style of construction, and absolute respect for environmentally friendly materials.

These are the Croatian top renters

The house is built of spruce, which allows the creation of a special microclimate in the interior, and that has an extremely positive effect on the respiratory organs. The attitude of the hostess Selma Seifert towards the guests, which points to the original Gorski Kotar values, is also superb. From ethnoprinciples – it welcomes guests in stylized Gorski Kotar costumes, to the offer of Gorski Kotar specialties.

The house uses only natural cleaning agents and operates on the principle of all waste utilization. Ecology, naturalness, respect for ecosystems, are its most important principles. As far as business is concerned, it is year-round, the occupancy is very high in all months and seasons, which makes it stand out as one of the best continental, not only Gorski Kotar holiday homes.

Apartments Rubinić

Apartments Rubinić consist of 12 identical apartments in size and decoration, one impressive room for socializing, numerous outdoor facilities, parking space for about 15 cars and, which is a rarity, a professional indoor pool.

In addition to classically furnished apartments, guests can also use common areas decorated such as a classic restaurant, a professional kitchen, as well as a barbecue section.

These are the Croatian top renters

But if everything is not just impeccable decoration and extremely rich content, the advantage is again brought by – the most renter. This is the hostess of the facility Nataša Manzin, who with two other full-time employees forms the professional basis of Apartment Rubinić.

Boundless patience, kindness, help in finding all the answers, especially those related to nearby sights, as well as in the preparation of socializing in a common space, are the characteristics of the host Manzin.

They are open all year round, occupancy in the period June – October is maximum, while in the remaining months they are in great demand on weekends, ie at the level of up to 50 percent. Due to the need for thorough disinfection, the apartments are not rented on the same day, which fully respects the maxim “Safe stay in Croatia”.

Casa mille olivi

Infinitely carefully renovated house owned by the Pisak family since the beginning of the 19th century. It is located next to a carefully tended olive grove, at about 400 meters above sea level, so that from this position there is a view of Motovun on one side and Lake Butoniga on the other.

The decent interior is adorned by the works of the prominent painter Hari Ivančić, and in the olive grove, there is a large educational, multilingual plaque on which the autochthonous plants are presented.

These are the Croatian top renters

The maximum emphasis is on ecology, on the “zero waste” model.

Of course, in addition to its architectural appeal, which is strongly complemented by the infinity pool in the courtyard, the owner’s attitude towards guests also prevails in this house: always at your service, with exhaustively prepared materials on all nearby sights, as well as instructions for contacts with olive growers. , restaurateurs, winemakers.

Interestingly, Ana Pisak defended her thesis with the theme of her house – “The impact of family tradition on transformation: the sustainability of space and identity.”

In this way, Casa mille olivi also received a scientific paper.

He also organizes a farewell party for the guests in the olive grove, and operates all year round. For example, in January 2021, she had a 20-day rental, just as her reservations were similar for the current November. She also has guests who come to her three times a year.

Villa Adrian

The villa is located in an exceptional position, just a few house numbers away from the hotel Argentina and the entrance to Dubrovnik’s old town. But what makes it different from the others are its owners, as well as the historical story it inherits.

It is a real art treasury, the house where the prominent sculptor Vanja Radauš lived, one of the most important Croatian artists of the 20th century, so it still contains some of his sculptures.

These are the Croatian top renters

The current owners, the heirs of the first owner, the wife of Vanja Radauš, lead it in such a way that all guests experience it as friends who gave them the greatest trust with their arrival. Of course, in an unobtrusive way, more precisely, they make the connection exactly as much as the guests themselves want.

The villa has two parts, space for nine or five people, and a few years ago on the part of the terrace was built a swimming pool. Much of the social life of guests takes place on the terrace with a unique view of Dubrovnik and Lokrum.

The owners are Naira Asatryan, a pianist who moved to Dubrovnik from Armenia twenty years ago, and Adrian Wiele, born in Essen, who inherited the villa from his grandmother Piroška Präger Radauš – who bought the house from Hungary to Dubrovnik.

Even in these difficult years for tourism in the extreme south of Croatia, they are doing very well, so at the time of our visit, at the end of October, they had temperamental guests from Argentina. And they experienced them as – friends.

The text is taken from Novi List

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