Delicious Šibenik fritters

Delicious Šibenik fritters


nd in the case of the area that stretches from the far north of Dalmatia to its central part, the same is true - guests appreciate the hosts who are not engaged in tourism, but what tourism - live

Whether there are more of them or just one night, they will definitely be greeted in the morning – fritters. You can’t believe how much they cheer up the guests! We know how to offer them all of our specialties, dried figs, oranges, chocolates, but no – our Šibenik fritters are the biggest event, true taste and happiness

Delicious Šibenik fritters
A place where only the sea can be heard - Casa Punta

Extremely designed, attractive Šibenik apartments owned by Tanja Lovrić are not located in the zone of the first, most important tourist area of Krešimir’s city, no, they are located on the road to Bilice. But, despite the fact that the sea cannot be seen from their beautiful balconies and terraces, they have something much more important – the great friendliness of the hosts. Dedication to the guest, based on the model “which I would be glad if I were a guest”.

Delicious Šibenik fritters
Socializing space - Barić Draga
Delicious Šibenik fritters
Villa Punta in a fragrant garden - Baric Draga

Presentation of Šibenik

I try to make their stay with us as pleasant as possible, and we also want to present to them the region from Šibenik, Dalmatia, as well as the country they came to. Everything waiting for them, everything that the passenger may need when he arrives at his destination, but he cannot get it quickly. He will stay with us neither hungry nor thirsty! As he will not miss a single piece of information when he wants to explore the city and the area he came to in more detail, Lovrić explains.

Delicious Šibenik fritters
Showcase of local tastes - Apartments Tanya

And such an attitude towards guests, because good stories are spreading quickly today with the developed system of social networks, has resulted in a large number of visitors this season, guests from, according to the customs of Croatian tourism, and not very typical countries.

Delicious Šibenik fritters
Tanja Lovrić

– True, there are really a lot of French people this year. There are quite a few Poles and Czechs, but the French are a very pleasant surprise. And you know what else – local guests! They are also thrilled this year. Most of them are from Zagreb, but what can I say when your guest is a family from Dubrovnik, Tanja Lovrić is satisfied, whose son, a web designer, has internationalized her name and the name of the apartment house.

Delicious Šibenik fritters
A small house complemented by a swimming pool - "Dora" Vir

In the continuation of this year’s best renter campaign, the selection of the best houses, villas, apartments run by Novi list in the media under the highest auspices of the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, we have reached Dalmatia. It was greeted by rain, but although such a weather picture in October does not evoke any positive emotions and associations, the area from Sv. Mary Magdalene to Šibenik, which we visited at this stage, still hosts a large number of guests. This can be seen on the streets of Zadar and Šibenik, and the renters-finalists, whom we visited, do not complain, moreover, they point out that their reservations for November and especially December are more than numerous.

Delicious Šibenik fritters
Corner for a moment - "Dora" Vir

Weekend reservations are a characteristic of the time that comes after the summer. I’m not saying, maybe we’re specific about that, but in a kind of extended weekend time we’re always very well filled. Our specificity is that on Sunday, when the weekend arrangement expires, we do not drive guests out of the apartment. No, not at all, the deadline when they have to leave the accommodation unit is – 6 pm, so their Sunday is completely fulfilled.

Fantastic Rubinić

In front of the Rubinić Apartment, on the very line of contact between two local self-government units, Turanj and Sveti Filip and Jakov, Nataša Manzin greeted us. We have to admit that we could hardly wait to meet with her. On several occasions we arranged to meet and tour the apartment, we were constantly accompanied by some delays, and her answer was always – no problem.
– Natasha, we’ll be an hour late. We know you moved business meetings because of us, and now we’re late. You know rain, traffic….
– Don’t get excited, I’m here, I’m waiting for you, everything will be fine

Delicious Šibenik fritters
An interesting geometric game - House Petra on the beach

And so always. In today’s time of nervousness, caused by pandemic torments, as well as the general hustle and bustle, Nataša Manzin acts like a balm. To calm down.
– Tourism is not a job, it is life. Whenever someone asks me when I’m at work, my answer is – always. Whenever they ask me how I am, because there are “all kinds” of guests, my answer is – guests have their wishes, it is up to us to help them realize them, explains Nataša as she leads us with an impressive system of 12 apartments, which in addition to the usual elements also have their indoor pool. And as much as outdoor pools have become almost the rule, even with tiny accommodation units, indoor ones are a rarity in larger hotels as well. In addition, in the basement of Apartments Rubinić, there is a professional kitchen and barbecue area so that guests can organize social gatherings there. Without transferring chairs and plates from apartment to apartment, depending on who is in line for hosting and socializing, which is a common occurrence when several friendly families are accommodated in a certain facility

Delicious Šibenik fritters
A pleasant place to rest just a few meters from the sea - HPOB in Cesarica

Originally, we are from Jaska, from Jastrebarsko where the owners have a wood industry with 170 employees. As the business there was expanded to catering, it was decided to move to the Adriatic, with a business in the center of which would be luxury apartments. Here, you can see for yourself, this is the result of that reflection, Natasha explains to us as we look around the apartments.

Delicious Šibenik fritters
Nataša Manzin

Despite the experience and tour of a really large number of tourist accommodation units, the harmony, order, and content that we came across in Apartments Rubinić are not seen very often. They are simply this form of offer, often and very much criticized in our country, so if we are self-critical enough – criticized for a reason, we have raised it to an extremely high level so that it is almost impossible to find a flaw. Some may be bothered by the “hotel” uniformity, but given how much kitsch and distaste we have encountered over the years in a large number of apartments, this harmony and uniformity are an advantage, by no means a disadvantage.
– The three of us work here all the time. We have a homemaker who constantly takes care of the whole system, especially the pool, the person who runs the “laundry” and takes care of the implementation of the highest hygiene standards in the entire facility, and me who is also versatile, from reception to finding solutions to the most unusual questions that may interest the guest.

Delicious Šibenik fritters
And the view, and the jacuzzi

And foreign owners

And the peculiarities of this part of Dalmatia were reflected in another case. We are used to the fact that often the owners of apartments on the sea are people from continental cities. Zagreb, in most cases, while in Vir we also welcomed the fact that the owners of the holiday home are foreigners. These are Slovaks who have complemented a large number of property owners in Vir who come from EU countries. The Hungarians are in the lead, the Czechs and Slovaks are very close in number, and in recent years more and more Poles have been seen on Vir.
– We are not at Vir at this time of year, but we come in all seasons. Tourists are present mainly in the summer season, and we try to be the best possible for them, explains Rastislav Juhas, in whose yard we were delighted by a dozen olives of extremely large fruits. We seem to experience olives “just like that”, while for Slovaks, in whose country they do not succeed, they represent a real wonder and pleasure. His “Dora” is a small holiday home, and contains everything you need for a pleasant holiday in which you will be the master of your obligations and fulfillment of desires, which is certainly helped by a small pool in the yard.
And in this episode of The Most Rented, we also added the Velebit coast to Dalmatia. Already a good part of the southern parts of the coast of Lika-Senj County, as is the case with the nearby island of Pag, perceives itself regionally precisely – Dalmatians.

Delicious Šibenik fritters
Rooms for socializing in "Rubinić"

Although, as it seems to us, the owners of a large part of the accommodation units in that area are – the people of Zagreb.
– My husband is originally from Lika, and it has always been known that Karlobag and its surroundings are the Lika coast. We rent mostly only in the summer months, in winter Cesarica, Ribarica and Karlobag itself are quite deserted, explained Helena Balenović, whose apartments in the building called “House Petra on the beach” are located in Cesarica, just a few meters from the sea line. Extremely comfortable house, with several apartments that offer guests a jacuzzi, is the right place for all those who want to truly relax and unwind. Because when you find yourself in that facility, everything is at your fingertips. The beach is only a few meters below the house, it is very nicely decorated, which is largely the result, as the locals explained to us, of the work of the “weekenders”. What is an additional special feature in Cesarica is the strong gusts of the bora, even in the middle of summer. Moreover, it is no wonder that the heating system will be launched on air conditioners in July as well. But that vacation is guaranteed, it certainly is. Cesrica, after all, offers excursions – to Pag, or Novalja, to the Velebit Nature Park, as well as the Northern Velebit National Park.

Delicious Šibenik fritters
The heated, year-round, indoor pool is definitely a plus of Apartments Rubinić

Smells and sounds Barić Drage

And the last in this reportage series from the north to the south of the Adriatic – Barić Draga. There is no person in Croatia who has not heard of Draga Barić. Although, we could say with the same percentage of certainty that the number of those who stopped in Barić Draga and stayed for a few days is completely opposite. Too bad, because when we stopped and went sightseeing in Case Punta, we truly enjoyed ourselves. First of all, the holiday home, with modern architectural aspirations, seems to have grown out of solid Velebit stone. Or grew into him. It sprang from the sea itself. The great merging with the terrain is complemented by a real botanical garden. All the plants of this part of the Mediterranean are there, in addition to being connected to the irrigation system. It is a steep descent to the sea, but each step is worth absorbing the new scent of aromatic herbs. The facilities are beautifully arranged so that, no matter how much Barić Drago mostly passed, the villa Casa Punta is a real invitation to stay in it for at least a few days.
– We are generally satisfied with this season, and traditionally – 99 percent of our guests are foreigners.

Delicious Šibenik fritters
At the very top of the offer - Apartments Rubinić Turanj
Delicious Šibenik fritters
Complete harmony in all 12 apartments - Rubinić

This summer was mostly filled with reservations of guests from Germany, but there were also regular guests from the Netherlands, Poland and Austria. This is our third season and we are actually very satisfied, because our guests book the next one immediately upon departure, so our calendar is already quite full for 2022. Barić Draga is a quiet place, while in bed you are almost the only sound that is heard is – the forest of the sea. The herbs in the area give extra charm and that is exactly what guests appreciate. As an additional element of the whole experience is the interaction with us, and in fact we support them in getting to know the Croatian landscape and gastronomy, which are their most common and most important areas of interest. We are simply trying to experience Croatia in all its fullness, to be happy and rested on the way out, but that they also want to return as soon as possible, Marina and Tomislav Žuglić told us.

The landlord is slowly moving towards his end this year. We still have stories from the south of the Adriatic as well as – the mountainous and continental part of Croatia. And then, in mid-November – the proclamation of the best. Until then, a little more patience and – enjoyment of Croatian tourism.

Delicious Šibenik fritters

The text is taken from Novi List

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